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Radio Autonomía: SEPTEMBER 2013 SHOW (La Escuelita Zapatista)

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AUDIO is from the September 1, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

The September 2013 show features an in-depth conversation about the Escuelita Zapatista with a few of our close comrades here in the Bay Area who recently returned from Chiapas.

Following the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Caracoles Zapatistas, from August 12-16th, one thousand seven hundred people arrived in Zapatista territory to participate in the first round of the Escuelita Zapatista, “The Little School on Freedom According to the Zapatistas.” Journalist Rául Zibechi, who participated in the Escuelita, wrote the following about the experience:

“There will be a before and after the Little Zapatista School; of the recent one and those that will come. It will be a slow, diffuse impact, which will be felt in some years but will frame the life of those below for decades. What we experienced was a non-institutional education, where the community is the educational subject. Face-to-face self-education; learning with the spirit and with the body, as the poet would say.”

Our compañero Gustavo Esteva, from the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, wrote the following:

“We drank from the fountain of inspiration until we were sated. We also learned that everyone an do what they need to do in their own way, with as much diversity as we find in all of our worlds. We can create a world where we all fit. Inertia, paralysis and fears will be shaken. We are on our way.”

In this conversation, which we recorded here in Oakland, our compañeros and compañeras from the Universidad de la Tierra Califas share some of their experiences at the Escuelita, and reflect on the significance of this experience for their struggles here in the Bay Area…

Click HERE to listen to the Full Audio

MUSIC featured on the show:
1. “Compañeros Insurgentes” Grupo 17 de Noviembre
2. “Us Kids Are Doing It” J-Rocc
3. “Si nos tocan a uno” Zapatillas de la Calle
4. “Mosaico zapatista” Free Radicals
5. “Somos” Lengualerta

* Most songs are from the Compilation “Rola la Lucha Zapatista”

Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay May 2013 SHOW

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AUDIOS are from the May 5, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: RadioZapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

For todays show we wanted to present a conversation around 2 themes: Community Regeneration and Self determination. We define community regeneration as acts or practices that heal and empower communities to restore their dignity and build resiliency. We define self determination as practices of communities the look and learn from themselves, rather than the state, to articulate their own needs, desires, solutions and answers.

We situate this conversation of resistance within capitalism’s ability to isolate and destroy individuals and communities through 2 major forces: The predatory lending or debt institutions and the Prison Industrial Complex.

In the first part of our show we look at the notion of “debt” and how it keeps us isolated and ashamed. What if we began to reframe the conversation of debt without the state being the one we owe or are obligated to? What if we were in debt or obligated to our neighbors or community members? How do we build relationships of obligation and trust In the first part of our show we talk to STRIKE DEBT a national coalition built out of Ocuppy that looks to build a popular resistance to all forms of debt imposed on us by predatory lending institutions.

In the second part of our show we explore how the prison industrial complex isolates and criminalizes individuals both on the outside and inside of the prison walls. We look to 2 community organizers from (All of Us or None and the Prison Hunger Solidarity Coalition and The Oakland Community Medics), to share analysis of and shed light to the effects of the PIC in communities of color and low income communities. We hope to then share strategies from communities that are finding new ways to restore dignity through solidarity with those on the inside.

We see these conversations as, one, a challenge to reformist approaches that reinforce symbolic and physical violence in our communities and, two, rejecting the isolating effects of capital by creating spaces of community convergence to support each other.

To listen to the audio from the show, click on the links below.

1. Full Show

2. Strike Debt Interview

3. Interview with Organizer Manuel La Fontain (All of Us or None and Prison Hunger Solidarity Coalition) and Author and Activist Anita Wills (Oakland Community Medics)

For information about the featured stories, check out these links:

Part 1:

Strike Debt Bay Area

Part 2:

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

All of Us or None

Anita Wills’s book: Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green

Facebook Page for my son Kerry Baxter Senior

Petition: We Demand Freedom An Investigation into the Wrongful Conviction of Kerry Baxter Senior

Anita Wills’s Facebook Page

Interview with John Holloway: The Meaning of Revolution & Autonomous Struggle Today

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hollowayDuring his recent visit to San Francisco, where he presented a three part lecture series titled “After Capitalism,” we had the opportunity to meet with John to talk a bit about the meaning of revolution and autonomous struggle today.

Click HERE to listen to the complete interview




For audios of John Holloway’s complete lectures in San Francisco, check in on our website:

For more information about his work, visit his website:

“Urban Zapatismo” & “After Capitalism”: Upcoming Events with John Holloway in San Francisco (March 26-28)

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John Holloway (author of Crack Capitalism and Change the World Without Taking Power) will be in San Francisco March 26-28 for a series of lectures  “After Capitalism” at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS).

The lectures will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 26-28, 7.00-9.00 p.m. Namaste Hall at CIIS  <>

Arrangements have also been with comrade Holloway for a conversation about Urban Zapatismo  on Thursday 3/28, 2.00-4.00 p.m. room 560, at the CIIS.
We hope that this additional space will be an opportunity for our Bay Area Zapatista solidarity community to converge and compare notes about our efforts at solidarity work and, at times, our successes in going beyond solidarity. Given the recent mobilizations by the Zapatistas, we imagine a spirited discussion about the challenges of urban Zapatismo.
Please join us!

Please check out Acción Zapatista South Bay’s Zapatismo digital archive at <>

Interview with Simón Sedillo from ManoVuelta Films about new documentary “Guarda Bosques”

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On  Feb 17th we were able to interview Simón Sedillo from ManoVuelta Films here in Oakland at a screening of his new documentary “Guarda Bosques,” a film about the struggle for autonomy, land, self determination and self defense in the community of Cherán, Michoacán Mexico. Below is a brief intro to the documentary taken from El Enemigo Común
On April 15th 2011, when organized crime thugs teamed up with the logging industry and different government agencies to pillage precious and sacred forests at gun-point, the indigenous Purepecha community of Cherán, Michoacán, Mexico rose up with sticks, rocks, and bottle rockets against what can only be described as their local narco-government. Since then, they have taken the authorities offices, weapons, and pick-up trucks, ousted all political parties and all local and state police, and have re-established a traditional form of self-governance that includes its own council of elders, a community “police”, known as a “ronda”, and its own forest defense team, or forest keepers, known as the “Guarda Bosques.”

In the following interview, Simón Sedillo updates us on making the film, “Guarda Bosques” and the struggle of autonomy and self defense in Cherán, Michoacán.

To listen to the interview click here


Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay DECEMBER SHOW

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For our December show, we start out with a report from DJ Plebe covering a recent Day of Action in Sevilla, Spain which happened last November 24. Hundreds of people from all over Andalucia took the streets to protest the housing crisis. An empty apartment building was occupied by 18 families who had lost their homes.

That story is followed by the return of our Durito Story hour segment honoring civil society and paying tribute to those who fight for it.

We also hear an interview with Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panthers, in Chiapas as part of his new art and media project called Zapantera Negra.

From there, we move to Mexico City, to discuss the violent repression against protesters yesterday in the context of the inauguration of the new president, Enrique Peña Nieto.

And finally, our last segment is from two panels from last Months event at the Holdout, called Our Lips are Sealed: Grand Jury Resistance.  These Panels discuss the history and current context of Federal Grand Juries as a mode of state repression and criminalization of dissent, as well as strategies for community resistance against Grand Juries and how we can increase our own power to fight against the state using alternative media.


Corrala Ilusión:


1. Full Show

2. Report from Spain: #N24 Housing Actions and Occupation of the Corrala Ilusión

3. Durito Story Time

4. Interview with Emory Douglas about Zapantera Project

5. Discussion of D1Mx: Repression in Mexico City

6. Grand Juries Past & Present Panel

7. Grand Jury Media Defense Strategies Panel

SPECIAL EVENT COVERAGE: Our Lips Are Sealed- Grand Jury Defense

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Recordings from panels at the event “Our Lips Are Sealed- Grand Jury Defense” which took place Sunday November 11, 2012 at The Holdout Social Center in Oakland, California.

From the Event Page: “Considering that recently, over half a dozen people in the Pacific Northwest have received Grand Jury subpoenas in the last few months, houses connected to OWS organizers have been raided, and many of our comrades down here are facing very serious charges, folks have put together a Grand Jury panel/discussion that is going to be very focused on how we (the collective Left in the Bay Area) can protect ourselves and each other in the case of heightened repression.

This full day event features short presentations from folks with Grand Jury experience — Kristian Williams (author of Our Enemies in Blue), Richard Brown from the SF8, and others.”

* Only the panel presentations were recorded. The discussions and Q&A are not included here.

(Click on the Panel Title to hear the audio)

Panel 1: Legal Rights with Megan, Dan, Sami

Panel 2: Grand Juries Past & Present with Dennison, Kristian, and Richard

Panel 3: Media Strategies with Claude and Kristian

Panel 4: Family Matters, Self Care & PTSD with Mona and Mickey

Report from the Victor Martínez Popular Library in Oakland

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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Report from the Victor Martínez Popular Library in Oakland

For Radio Autonomía, this is a special report from the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martínez in Oakland.

Today, August 13, 2012, the Victor Martinez People’s Library was opened at 1449 Miller Avenue in the Fruitvale District of Oakland.

Donated books have begun to fill the shelves, while neighborhood kids are building a community garden outside.

Decades after it was left abandoned, this historic building—which was once the home of the Emiliano Zapata Street Academy—was liberated this morning by community members who are transforming the space into an autonomous community center and library.

For more information about the project and how you can participate, please visit the People’s Library at 1449 Miller Avenue in Oakland. You can also check the library out on Facebook and Twitter: Biblioteca Popular Victor Martínez.

And tune in for the September 2nd live Radio Autonomía show for more about this exciting community effort!


Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay JULY 2012 SHOW

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July 1, 2012

{Full Show and Individual Segments are posted below}

Anti-state Politics & State Institutions 
Today across Mexico millions are heading to the polls to vote in the presidential elections that many hope will mark a rupture with the six-year term of right wing president Felipe Calderón, whose supposed “war on drugs” has left over 60,000 dead and more than 20,000 disappeared since 2006. But just as the lines form at polling places around the country, millions of others are abstaining from voting, demonstrating a widespread, popular rejection of the fraudulent system of electoral politics in Mexico and the structures of representative democracy, corruption, and exclusion that compose the neoliberal, and arguably neocolonial, state.

Exactly seven years ago, as the new presidential campaign cycle was revving up, the Zapatistas released a text that quickly became a classic of sorts: the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. In this declaration– a narrative both prospective and retrospective– the Zapatistas announced a new civilian initiative, La Otra Campaña or The Other Campaign, imagined as an effort at developing a national plan of anticapitalist, leftist struggle. Electoral periods are always both challenging and vapid for radical political movements. The Other Campaign was proposed as an attempt to resist the distraction and stagnation that often accompany elections, as radical movements are either coopted or withdrawn during the campaigns. The Other Campaign was developed as an effort to build and extend “other” relations– political, social, economic, cultural– across Mexico and the world, not rooted in capitalist principles or state politics. The intro to the Sixth Declaration reads: “This is our simple word, because it is our idea to call on those who are like us and to join together with them, everywhere they are living and struggling.”

If we understand the Sixth Declaration and the Other Campaign– and Zapatismo more broadly– to be an anti-state movement dedicated to developing other kinds of relations not mediated or imposed by the capitalist state, then a question we raise is: what do anti-state relations look like? In his book Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-state Forces, Raúl Zibechi asserts that “the state is a frozen social relation,” whereas anti-state movements are based on relations that are mobile, dynamic, discontinuous, and provisional– they are the basis of community, which he insists “is something that we make, not something that simply is.” So, if community is ever-changing, something that we make in contrast to the state, we want to ask not only what is the state beyond governmental institutions but also what does community look like in anti-state movements?

On this month’s show we’ll check in with the growing anti-election movement in Mexico, the movements in defense of public education locally and internationally, and we’ll interview some Oakland-based prison abolitionists about what it means to do work in carceral institutions. As our conversation moves across various state institutions– elections, schools, prisons– we’ll ask what does it mean to be anti-state? and particularly, what happens when we are forced to contend with state institutions?

Featured Music 

“Los medios” Odaymara Cuesta A.K.A. Pasa Krudas – Krudas Cubensi
“Cumbia 132” Colectivo Emergente de Artistas Independientes
“Autónomo” Bocafloja
“Power to the People” Public Enemy
“Dem Days” Rebel Díaz
“I Love College- Remix” Cambio
“Medios Mentirosos” Ukamau y Ke

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