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Radio Autonomía JUNE 2014 SHOW

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AUDIOS are from the June 1, 2014 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at


In response to the escalating aggression against Zapatista bases of support in Chiapas, Mexico, we join the efforts of the dignified and rebellious people of the Bay Area who have organized themselves in order to condemn, in the strongest terms, continued attacks against our compañeros and compañeras in the south, and especially the recent assassination of Galeano in La Realidad.

Across the US, compas organized events as part of a week of action in solidarity with the Zapatistas, from May 18-24, 2014. As part of this Global Week of Action, several events were held in the Bay Area, and on our June show we share reports and audios from some of these actions, as well as discussing the recent communiqués and events from Chiapas.



Report on La Realidad

Oakland Mitote Audio



Radio Zapatista (various reports, audios, texts)

An Attack on Us All: US Call to Action

“Entre luz y sombra” Communiqué

“Fragmentos de La Realidad” Communiqué

“El dolor y la rabia” (VIDEO)

Revista Rebeldía Zapatista




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