Radio Autonomía March 2014 Show

AUDIOS are from the March 3rd, 2014 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at

What does it mean to put learning in the service of liberation and autonomy? How does the everyday lives and struggles of a community influence our learning process? What does it look like to reclaim our humanity through collective and autonomous learning centers?

Modern understandings of education and learning uphold state sponsored institutions of education, this month we pay attention to the flourishing movement of creating counter-institutions of learning. From the Zapatista escuelitas to the barrios of DF, Oaxaca, and Oakland, communities are building autonomous centers that serve their needs and allow for different forms of learning to prosper.

In today’s show we have a conversation with local community member’s about their experiences attending the Zapatista’s most recent initiative the Zapatista Escuelitas. In a Feburary 2013 communicado SupComandante Marcos stated that the Zapatista support communities were tasked with giving non-zapatista students the “basic elements of neo-Zapatista history and […] struggle for democracy, libertity, and justice.” We also revisit a special segment by DJ Alita on the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez located in Oakland, and we continue our observation of this occupied community space through an in-depth discussion with members of the popular library. Little by little, we continue to learn by sharing our struggles and exploring the questions of how are self-directed and self-actualized community center’s disrupting state sponsored forms of education and learning? What role does learning take in creating autonomy?

To listen to the audio from the show, click on the links below.

Full Show

Interview: Zapatista Escuelita Students

Special Segment: Aug. 2012 Biblioteca Popular Coverage

Interview: Omar of the the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez


Links for resources mentioned in the show:

Enlace Zapatista

Biblioteca Popular Facebook 

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