December 2013 Show

For our December show, we spotlight some of the dynamic interventions being led by students and young people in the US and Mexico. With the ever-increasing privatization and militarization of public institutions, students and young people are continually at the forefront of resisting incorporation into the neoliberal social order. They find themselves  working against the high costs of capitalist education and the repression experienced by the state.  The struggles highlighted here center questions of wealth distribution, the increasing criminalization of protest, prevalence of voter fraud in so-called democratic states and the capitalist appropriation of public education.

We end today’s show by wrapping up our conversation on land struggles from our November show. We want to highlight a project that grates against capitalist structures and imagines, at least through small fragments, another possibility for community regeneration. This is embodied through the work of compañer@s at the ethnobotanical garden in Cholula, Puebla, where relations with the land and people are based in respect, support and dignity.

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For individual segments click on the links below:

Nov. 20th UC Worker Strike

Week of Action Against Wendy’s

1DMX 2012 Interview

1DMX 2013 Coverage

National Immigrant Youth Alliance

Entrevista con Dr. Eloina Pelaez

2013-07-31 13.10.25

Son Jarocho inspired garden at the Jardin EtnoBotanico

2013-07-31 13.06.19

Compost area of the Jardin EtnoBotanico (Vermiculture Compost, “Cold” and “Hot” Compost pictured here)














For more information about the featured stories, check out these links:

UAW 2865 – UC Student Worker Union

Reviving the Sympathy Strike Article

Regeneracion Radio

National Immigrant Youth Alliance

Jardin EtnoBotanico

Recording local flora

Recording local flora

2012-01-01 00.00.00-525

Seed Bank

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