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Entrevista con artista Carlos Bautista

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Durante nuestra visita a Oaxaca este verano, Radio Autonomía tuvo el privilegio de conocer a artista de grafica Carlos Bautista. Hablamos con Carlos acerca de su trabajo artístico y social, de vivir en comunidad en la sierra Oaxaqueña a la importancia de la tradición grafíca de México en la sociedad. Como uno de 32 artistas seleccionados para formar parte de una exposición en honor al artista político de impresión José Guadalupe Posada, Carlos compartió con nosotros sobre lo que informa a sus representaciones artísticas de la naturaleza y las relaciones dentro de la humanidad.


Para mas información sobre la obra de Carlos consulta su pagína aquí. Mas información sobre la convocatoria Posada Presente


“La raíz del cielo”, 110×60, xilografía, 2013.


“Conífera del cielo”, 110×60, xilografía, 2013.
“Ramas con dirección al cielo”, 110×60, xilografía, 2013.

UNDOCUMENTED & UNAFRAID: Interview with Dulce & Luis of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance

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11/11/13 Interview with Dulce Guerrero & Luis Leon of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance

Click HERE to listen to the complete interview.

DULCE GUERRERO was born in Mexico and migrated to the state of Georgia along with her family at the age of two. Growing up she knew that the threat of deportation and family separation was real, but never imagined that it would hit so close to home. In January 2011, Dulce became involved in immigrant’s rights after a traffic violation landed her mother in jail. She is currently an Undocumented youth organizer and the Secure Your Own Community trainer for NIYA. From organizing walk outs, to stopping deportations and participating in civil disobedience Dulce has become active in defending the community which she has been a part of for the last 18 years.

LUIS LEON was born in Veracruz, Mexico. At 5 years old, his family moved to North Carolina where he lived until finishing high school in 2011. Not able to afford college due to his immigration status, Luis’ family decided that he would go back to México on his own and continue his educational career there. After he received the news that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was passed, he resolved to come back to the US and return to his home. In July of 2013 Luis got the opportunity to be part of the Dream 9. This group of undocumented youths, who had been deported because of their immigration status, attempted to cross the US border demanding to be let in on humanitarian grounds. Along with the rest of the Dream 9, he was detained and spent 15 days in Eloy Detention center. Through the organizing of NIYA and other organizations, he and the rest of the Dream 9 were released and allowed to return to their homes in the United States.


Radio Autonomía: November 2013 SHOW

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AUDIOS are from the November 3, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: RadioZapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

Our show today is focusing on environmental justice and land struggles in the Americas. Given the many protest movements we have been seeing this year against hydraulic fracking, megadams, and climate change, we wanted to hear what folks are doing to protect the land, water and air across the Americas. There is a new front against the land and it’s people; extreme violence, dispossession and displacement is common place in the wake of neoliberal restructuring, or what some have called the recurring cycle of global economic crisis. However, many compañeros are making reference to a new level of neoliberal assault on the common that impedes people’s democracy and the regeneration of the social fabric. This is what they call extractivism, and the attack of extractivism is expressed in the struggles we are highlighting. Today we will be learning about movements in defense of indigenous lands from a Nahua collective in Puebla, México fighting against a thermoelectric plant and from indigenous students in Kansas defending the Wakarusa wetlands from highway construction. We will also have an in-studio live interview with Silm Bones, from the Energy Solidarity Cooperative here in the Bay area to learn about the climate resiliency strategies they are building locally. Finally, we will speak with Christian Guerrero from Marea Creciente, a climate justice organization in México, about the Climate Caravan being organized for the next international climate talks. We put these interrelated struggles to protect communities and future generations from environmental degradation this month, in the hope to think about what we can all do to build a future where the earth will be able to sustain a world where many worlds fit.

Click HERE to listen to the Full Audio

For individual segments click on the links below:

People’s Defense for the Earth and Water Interview

Energy Solidarity Cooperative Interview

Wakarusa Wetlands Defense Interview

Cristian Guerrero/Marea Creciente Interview

For more information about the featured stories, check out these links:

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