Radio Autonomía: SEPTEMBER 2013 SHOW (La Escuelita Zapatista)

AUDIO is from the September 1, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

The September 2013 show features an in-depth conversation about the Escuelita Zapatista with a few of our close comrades here in the Bay Area who recently returned from Chiapas.

Following the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Caracoles Zapatistas, from August 12-16th, one thousand seven hundred people arrived in Zapatista territory to participate in the first round of the Escuelita Zapatista, “The Little School on Freedom According to the Zapatistas.” Journalist Rául Zibechi, who participated in the Escuelita, wrote the following about the experience:

“There will be a before and after the Little Zapatista School; of the recent one and those that will come. It will be a slow, diffuse impact, which will be felt in some years but will frame the life of those below for decades. What we experienced was a non-institutional education, where the community is the educational subject. Face-to-face self-education; learning with the spirit and with the body, as the poet would say.”

Our compañero Gustavo Esteva, from the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, wrote the following:

“We drank from the fountain of inspiration until we were sated. We also learned that everyone an do what they need to do in their own way, with as much diversity as we find in all of our worlds. We can create a world where we all fit. Inertia, paralysis and fears will be shaken. We are on our way.”

In this conversation, which we recorded here in Oakland, our compañeros and compañeras from the Universidad de la Tierra Califas share some of their experiences at the Escuelita, and reflect on the significance of this experience for their struggles here in the Bay Area…

Click HERE to listen to the Full Audio

MUSIC featured on the show:
1. “Compañeros Insurgentes” Grupo 17 de Noviembre
2. “Us Kids Are Doing It” J-Rocc
3. “Si nos tocan a uno” Zapatillas de la Calle
4. “Mosaico zapatista” Free Radicals
5. “Somos” Lengualerta

* Most songs are from the Compilation “Rola la Lucha Zapatista”

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