Radio Autonomía: JULY 2013 SHOW

AUDIOS are from the July 7, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

In the studio today we have Alita and Pulga  holding it down for a very full show with some exciting interviews. We’ll start off the show an update from Chiapas. After that we’ll move into our first live interview with our friend Cambio, a Watsonville-based MC and member of the QuilomboArte collective. For our second live interview, we’ll be joined in the studio by our compañero Ali, who recently returned to Oakland from Istanbul and he’ll be talking with us about the popular rebellion that recently shook Turkey. Finally, we’ll be interviewing two local compas involved in the solidarity efforts in support of the incarcerated folks across California who are starting a hunger strike in the prisons tomorrow. We’ll wrap up the show with an interview we recorded last week with some compas in Santa Cruz from Sin Barras, a collective dedicated to coalition-building for the eradication of the prison-industrial complex, and then we’ll hear some voices from from the strike by City Workers and BART transit workers in Oakland last week.

AUDIOS: To listen click on the links below


2. Bachajón Chiapas News Update

3. Interview with Cambio

4. Interview with Ali about Uprising in Turkey

5. Interview with Tony & Mike about Prisoner Hunger Strike

6. Interview with Sin Barras Collective

7. Voices from the Oakland/BART Strike (Monday July 1st)


RELATED LINKS for more information:

Cambio Bandcamp Page:

Article on  Rebellion in Turkey: “I’ve gone to resist, I’ll be right back”

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition:

Sin Barras:


MUSIC featured on the show (in order):

Grupo 17 de Noviembre “Compañeros Insurgentes”

J-Rocc “Us Kids Are Doing It”

Zapatillas de la Calle “Si nos tocan a uno”

Cambio “Work Song”

Krudas Cubensi “Horizontalidad”

Akil Ammar “Tras las rejas”

xchm “Música Rebelde”

Cambio “Jumping Fences”

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