Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay May 2013 SHOW

AUDIOS are from the May 5, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: RadioZapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

For todays show we wanted to present a conversation around 2 themes: Community Regeneration and Self determination. We define community regeneration as acts or practices that heal and empower communities to restore their dignity and build resiliency. We define self determination as practices of communities the look and learn from themselves, rather than the state, to articulate their own needs, desires, solutions and answers.

We situate this conversation of resistance within capitalism’s ability to isolate and destroy individuals and communities through 2 major forces: The predatory lending or debt institutions and the Prison Industrial Complex.

In the first part of our show we look at the notion of “debt” and how it keeps us isolated and ashamed. What if we began to reframe the conversation of debt without the state being the one we owe or are obligated to? What if we were in debt or obligated to our neighbors or community members? How do we build relationships of obligation and trust In the first part of our show we talk to STRIKE DEBT a national coalition built out of Ocuppy that looks to build a popular resistance to all forms of debt imposed on us by predatory lending institutions.

In the second part of our show we explore how the prison industrial complex isolates and criminalizes individuals both on the outside and inside of the prison walls. We look to 2 community organizers from (All of Us or None and the Prison Hunger Solidarity Coalition and The Oakland Community Medics), to share analysis of and shed light to the effects of the PIC in communities of color and low income communities. We hope to then share strategies from communities that are finding new ways to restore dignity through solidarity with those on the inside.

We see these conversations as, one, a challenge to reformist approaches that reinforce symbolic and physical violence in our communities and, two, rejecting the isolating effects of capital by creating spaces of community convergence to support each other.

To listen to the audio from the show, click on the links below.

1. Full Show

2. Strike Debt Interview

3. Interview with Organizer Manuel La Fontain (All of Us or None and Prison Hunger Solidarity Coalition) and Author and Activist Anita Wills (Oakland Community Medics)

For information about the featured stories, check out these links:

Part 1:

Strike Debt Bay Area

Part 2:

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

All of Us or None

Anita Wills’s book: Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green

Facebook Page for my son Kerry Baxter Senior

Petition: We Demand Freedom An Investigation into the Wrongful Conviction of Kerry Baxter Senior

Anita Wills’s Facebook Page

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