Audio from Critical Resistance Event: “Strong Minds, Strong Movements” Celebrating the release of 19th issue of The Abolitionist

abolitionist flyer

On Feb 25th the Oakland Chapter of Critical Resistance held an event at the East Side Cultural Center to celebrate the release of the 19th issue of the Abolitionist: a publication dedicated to the abolition of the strategy and practice of the prison industrial complex. The event was titled “Strong Mind Strong Movements “ and invited people to join in on a discussion about how policing, surveillance and imprisonment compromise our mental health and the ways that organizing can keep us connected, healthy and strong. CR had invited Azadeh Zohrabie of Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition, Aurora Lopez of Xicana Moratorium Coalition and Claude Marks, former political prisoner and founder of Freedom Archives.

The first audio below is the entire audio from the event. The 2nd audio is a segment of the event that will be aired on Berkeley Liberation Radio for our March show. The audio begins with an introduction by Isaac Ontiveros and Rachel Herzig of Critical Resistance framing the night and breaking down the theme and importance of this current issue of The Abolitionist. The second part of the audio is Aurora Lopez, Azdeh Zhorabie and then Claude Marks answering the questions:“when you think about some of the impacts of imprisonment, surveillance and the prison industrial complex are on our health and wellbeing, especially our psychological and mental health and what do you think of?” and “what are some of the things that contribute to our resilience and our ability to stay healthy?”

To Subscribe to the Abolitionist check out The Abolitionist

To find out more about Critical Resistance check out their website:

Click here to listen to the entire audio of the event

Click here to listen to a edited segment of the event that will be aired on Radio Autonomia’s March Show

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